Raised on the island

Hailing from Te Motu Waiheke.

In the middle of the Hauraki Gulf in Aotearoa, New Zealand is the one of the most magical places in the world. In the natural beauty of Waiheke Island, Holiday McDaniel found her passion, for design. Her upbringing as the daughter of an art studio owner and an architectural draftsman deeply influenced her character, instilling in her a profound appreciation for art and fashion from an early age.

Waihetian is a term that identifies a Waiheke Island local. “A term my girlfriends and I have used since our youth in a sense of self-discovery, which feels fitting.”

The making of WAIHETIAN was sparked by a personal internal shift—from the carefree confidence of Holly’s twenties to the newfound responsibilities of early motherhood. "After the birth of my first-born child, I experienced a profound change in both mindset and perspective. My carefree twenties, filled with confidence, gave way to the responsibilities and concerns of early motherhood.” 

Similar to creators before her identifying a gap in the market, propelled her towards creative problem solving. “Failing to find a one-piece swimsuit that gave me confidence to run about near-naked after a young child, while also exuded a youthful energy that defined my millennial spirited,” led Holly to create WAIHETIAN, a brand symbolising her dedication to empowering a global community of modern women.

Sustainability is our North Star

"Sustainability has always been intertwined with style for me," Raised on Waiheke Island, she developed a deep respect for the environment, a sentiment that permeates every aspect of the brand's ethos

“Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a wake up call, and the heart of our business. We are committed to using only sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and climate-friendly business practices to help reduce the impact on our planet.” Embracing a "quality over quantity" philosophy, WAIHETIAN avoids mass production in favour of small capsule collections, promoting conscious consumption.

“Which naturally informs to our design vision. Creating with more than one use in mind, a special piece in your summer wardrobe that gets more wear than a quick swim.” WAIHETIAN craft versatile pieces that harmonise form and function. Inspired by endless summer vacations, each design effortlessly transcend boundaries taking you from sunny shores to poolside gatherings and beyond into the evening. “Your WAIHETIAN, your way” 

Advocating for a positive fashion future while empowering women to embrace their individual beauty.